Beauty and Serenity

LAM, Char, Noreen, Wina, and Loy took me to a bunch of wonderful places today. I revelled in the nature and serenity of it all! It was a beautiful day. I had sent up a prayer to The Great Spirit, my guides, and even my grandma and pops to make sure that it was a sunny day for my trip. It had been rainy and cloudy most of the week and I really wanted to see the volcano. I want to send a thank you to them for answering my request.

The convent of the Pink Sisters was powerful, it has amazing energy! Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to see the Pink Sisters but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless. The grounds have beautiful landscaping and the sanctuary was serene even though it was under construction. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the inside since it was prohibited.

We then stopped to view Taal Volcano in Tagaytay. It isn’t dormant as I had thought, I found out it was active just last year. The mountains surrounding it were much higher so it makes sense that it is still active, it’s a youngster. It’s an unusual formation since it is on an island within a lake of an island.

I also had my first Jeepney ride which was a fun experience, glad I had the chance.

I couldn’t believe it when we got to the top, Sponge Bob lives here too! I was under the assumption he lived in the ocean, maybe it’s his retirement home.


The sites from where we were standing were unbelievable, I was completely mesmerized.

Construction on a palatial home for a former president had been started a while ago on top of the lookout but was later abandoned. Now live artists and alligators inhabit this place during the day.

I had the experience of snuggling with that alligator. Yes, you read that correctly, an alligator. I felt bad about it being an attraction but the chance to hold one couldn’t be passed up. She is a beauty! Funny thing to find on top of a mountain. 😊

We could also see Manila from where we were.


After visiting these wonderful sites it was time to take a break and enjoy seafood, Bulalo, Buko juice, and serenades. It was the first time I had tried roasted squid, a little rubbery but it had a nice smokey flavor, not my fave though. The shrimp is always delicious, the milkfish was good, but my true favorite on the platter was the fried tawilis fish, head and all. As always, fried makes everything awesome! 😍


The buko juice was excellent (, coconut milk or water has never been my favorite but having it fresh is above and beyond anything I have tasted in the past. The young coconut also has this soft flesh you can scrape from the inside and enjoy. I now understand the love for this drink, the bottled drink greatly pales in comparison.


It was then on to our next destination Caleruega (. I think after Taal,  this was my second favorite. It is not only a chapel but a retreat center, this is definitely a place I would love to retreat to. The serenity here is hard to put into words. It is also full of great energy, and is an amazing healing place. There are many quiet places to meditate and pray, there are halls where you can enjoy family/friend gatherings, paths and bridges to beautiful places to commune with nature, your guides, and The Great Spirit, and a chapel where you can send prayers and offers of appreciation. It is a true sanctuary where one can heal.

Having a little fun before going in.

These are outside and just inside the chapel area, no pics were taken inside the sanctuary of the chapel.

A few pictures of the grounds including a couple plaques along the stations of the cross path.

A little video of one of the paths:

I was sad to leave but the next destinations gardens were spectacular so I didn’t complain. 😊

As we walked around Sonya’s Garden it made me think of my sisters-in-law Valerie and Jennifer, mother-in-law Joanne, and my dad (a.k.a. pops). The pig one is for my daughter. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Is there anything better than the smell for a Panaderia (bakery)? We bought a few awesome pastries of course! The Spanish bread turned out to be the hit. 💗

Tired yet? I am getting there! At least the carbs gave us a little extra energy.

Lastly we decided to go to the puzzle mansion, which I expected to be more exciting than it was. However, I did get to see the world’s largest puzzle.


Sorry, the last few pictures from the Puzzle Museum are a little bit blurry, both me and my camera were ready to call it quits at this point.

It was an excellent day and I want to thank my friends for making it so! Thank you for giving up your Saturday to show a girl a good time!


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